Pornographic Images Published From Hacked Official MLG Twitch Channel


The official Twtich channel of the esports organization Major League Gaming has posted pornographic content for over an hour, possibly because it was hacked. For this reason, the channel of the organization was closed.

The Twitch channel of Major League Gaming, which organizes esports events and tournaments , seems to be hacked. The e-sports broadcast channel was closed for broadcasting pornographic content on Saturday morning for quite some time.

MLG is a New York-based organization and broadcasts CS: GO, Call of Duty and Halo tournaments in general. The organization’s history goes back to 2002 . MLG is known as one of the first organizations to broadcast an e-sports tournament on television.

MLG channel closed due to pornographic content:

Since the MLG did not make a drastic career change, the channel of the organization was clearly hacked, as evident. According to a Reddit user, one of the MLG attempted to block these images , but the hackers continued to broadcast until Twitch stepped in and closed the channel .

Twitch has been experiencing problems with nudity and sexuality for some time now, but this was the first time that a channel with a large audience was encountering such a situation . In general, channels without followers broadcast pornographic content until enough viewers accumulate . When Twitch finds these channels, he closes them.

Twitch generally permanently closes small channels as these channels are usually opened exclusively for inappropriate content. The situation of MLG is different, and the platform will open the channel (although nothing definite right now) back.

How many people saw the post is unknown:

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MLG has more than 800 thousand followers on its main channel. The number of users seeing the broadcast is unknown, but serious numbers are thought to be witnessing the case. While MLGBravo , another channel of MLG, was also closed, it is not known whether this channel broadcasts pornographic content or just as a precaution.

Twitch maintains a zero-tolerance policy on nudity, and many broadcasters are closed on the grounds that they have any type of adult content. The content on the MLG channel was quite shocking. It is a matter of curiosity how Twitch will handle this work.


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