Pornhub Premium Was Free All Over The World Due To Coronavirus


Pornhub has decided to offer its paid service “Pornhub Premium” for free. Emphasizing that more than 1 billion people have to stay in their homes, Pornhub officials announced that they made such a decision to have a pleasant time.

Nowadays, when the coronavirus epidemic is spreading more and more, people are not leaving their homes. Because the coronavirus has a high contagiousness and young people, although they can easily get over this virus, older people are very affected by this virus. As such, people need to stay at home and maintain social distance as much as possible.

The fact that people had to stay in their homes increased the use of internet and television. In this context, some paid television companies have announced that all channels have been unlocked and some websites have made their paid services free. Now, one of the most important names in the adult content industry, Pornhub has announced that it has temporarily made Pornhub Premium, a paid service, free worldwide. Users will be able to access Pornhub Premium for free throughout April.

Statements on the subject came from Pornhub’s Vice President Corey Price. Price said that it is important to provide them with a pleasant time in the pandemic process, which forces at least 1 billion people to stay at home around the world, so they made such a decision. Price also stated that they will encourage people to stay home with their new applications.

The steps taken by Pornhub on the coronavirus are not limited to these. So much so that the company will pay more for actors and models on the platform as of April. Continuing its activities within the scope of “Sex Workers Social Assistance Project”, Pornhub announced that it has allocated an additional 25 thousand dollars for this project.

Pornhub’s work on coronavirus does not limit the porn industry. The company also provides serious support to the working institutions and organizations in order to eliminate this pandemic. For example, Pornhub has donated 50,000 masks to institutions and organizations in the US in the current period. The company, which carries out a similar study in Europe, donated 50 thousand euros for healthcare facilities to buy masks.

Pornhub’s work on the COVID-19 outbreak is not overlooked by the US press or officials. Stating that medical masks are of critical importance in the fight against coronavirus, officials say that Pornhub’s mask attempts are especially admirable.


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