Pornhub Opens a Site for Coronavirus (Not 18+) = Scrubhub


Adult content site Pornhub opened a new site for charity. The giant name of the sector has now published a site called Scrubhub to support and collect aid in combating the coronavirus epidemic.

One of the biggest names in the industry when it comes to adult content, Pornhub is also on the agenda with its frequent relief efforts. The platform, which has provided scholarships for $ 25,000 in the past and has collected assistance for the protection of bees, has now launched a new campaign.

Pornhub has launched a site on handwashing, which it calls ‘safe fetish’. The site, called Scrubhub, aims to emphasize the importance of hand washing and to collect aid during the coronavirus epidemic period.

‘Safe fetish’ site: Scrubhub
The company announced today that it opened its new spoof site Scrubhub. There are videos on the site that are quite interesting, with names that are similar to those popular in Pornhub in general. These funny videos have advice on topics like hand cleaning and toilet use.

In addition to the videos on the site, there will be various live broadcasts during the day. It is stated in these videos that interesting people will take place. They will probably become adult movie stars and produce relevant content.

In the statement made about the site, we opened “Scrubhub with the hope of making people laugh and gathering aid to organizations that help people affected by COVID-19. We chose to highlight the rather ordinary but critical hand washing business in the only way we know, by giving everyone something they do not want … This website shows what we should do when there is a lot of free time at home ”.

The purpose of the site is to collect help:
Behind Scrubhub is Ani Acopian and Suzy Shinn, along with Pornhub. Shinn signed the Amazon Dating series, which went viral in February. The aid collected by the site goes to organizations called Two Invisible Hands and Frontline Food.

Invisible Hands; Frontline Foods aims to support workers and those who are at the forefront of the crisis. Pornhub says all donations will go to these organizations.


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