Pornhub offers free premium access worldwide


After providing free access to its premium content in Italy, France and Spain as a way to encourage people to stay at home to avoid spreading the new Coronavirus, Pornhub has now expanded its offer to the entire world.

Until April 23, users of the adult content platform will be able to access the paid version of the service using a free premium account. Typically, this type of subscription costs from $ 7.99 to $ 9.99 per month, depending on the chosen modality.

This action is part of the “StayHomehub” campaign, launched by Pornhub with the aim of contributing to greater adherence to social distance. The measure is necessary to contain the spread of Covid-19, which has already killed thousands of people.

Other platforms have followed suit in an attempt to offer entertainment to those staying at home and are offering free access to their content during quarantine. GloboPlay, for example, opened a package of films and series for non-subscribers. Tinder released the Passport function for everyone, as a way to facilitate contact and avoid loneliness.

How to access
To use Pornhub premium for free it is necessary to click on the “StayHomehub” campaign banner on the service’s home page. Then, the user must check one of the options shown on the website, which refer to the recommendations to avoid Covid-19, and click on “Access Pornhub Premium Free”.

Soon after, just create the free account, providing name and e-mail, in addition to registering a password, to have the access released. According to the website, it is not necessary to enter a credit card number to take advantage of the temporary gratuity.

In this paid version of the platform, it is possible to watch videos without ads and with a better resolution, in addition to having access to the full films. The subscriber is also entitled to faster streaming and high-speed downloads.


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