Pornhub: a deaf man attacks the site to demand subtitles!


A New Yorker takes legal action against three major pornographic sites, including Pornhub. The man is deaf and therefore demands subtitles.

This is the news of the day! An American sued three major porn sites . Pornhub, Redtube, or YouPorn . In the name of those concerned, the deaf man therefore demands subtitles.

In a 23-page complaint, he asked for subtitles under the videos. But also damages. And for good reason: Why couldn’t he, too, take advantage of the content that Pornhub offers ? Indeed, the New Yorker is deaf.

It is not the first time that the man fights against the absence of subtitles. Yaroslav Suris has already expressed his dissatisfaction to the big chain Fox News. The American dared! He then listed a series of videos with maddening titles.

Videos that he could not see in October 2019, and on January 11. Because of the absence of descriptive sentences. “Without subtitles, the deaf and hard of hearing cannot enjoy the content. Like the rest of the audience. ”

It was therefore on January 16, at the federal court in Brooklyn, that Yaroslav Suris did not give up . He therefore attacked the three sites and their Canadian parent company Mindgeek. The complainant accuses a violation of the American law of 1990. Law which protects people with disabilities against discrimination.

The amount of damages has still not been disclosed . The media know nothing about it. The vice-president of Pornhub , Corey Price, then reacted in a press release, transmitted to AFP. According to him, his site does have a category with subtitles. He also included a link to the category in question.

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“We don’t usually talk about the legal proceedings that are underway. So we want to remind the public that we already have a subtitled section , ” said Pornhub. However, not all videos on the site contain it.


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