Pornhub Creates ‘Tor’ Connection For Those Who Want To Be Anonymous


Pornhub created a private internet connection that can only be accessed via Tor Browser. In this way, Internet users will be able to access Pornhub by hiding their credentials.

“Pornhub”, one of the most important media companies in the porn industry, is one of the frequent points of millions of internet users. Now Pornhub has made an important attempt for internet users who want to browse the site anonymously.

Tor Browser is an internet browser that many of us know. In cases where you try to access the internet through this internet browser, your IP address is completely hidden. The system of Tor Browser passes users through three layers in different countries, thus making your presence on the internet imprinting. Now Pornhub has developed a special link for this anonymized internet browser.

In fact, this is not a first for the internet world. Because some institutions such as Facebook, New York Times and BBC also have their own Tor Browser addresses and users can access these sites through links created for Tor. From now on, users will also be able to use Tor Browser for Pornhub.

The reason why Pornhub made such a decision was explained through a blog post published by the company. In the comments made by Pornhub, it was stated that many users have already hidden their identity to connect to Pornhub, but these attempts may be insufficient. Stating that LGBT is forbidden, especially in some countries, Pornhub explained that the identity of LGBT members can be completely hidden….

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