Porcupine Tree Concerts in The Summer of 2023 Will “Most Likely” Be The Last For The Band.


According to vocalist Stephen Wilson, the Porcupine Tree concerts scheduled for this summer will “probably” be the last for the band.

The band returned last year after a 12-year hiatus, releasing a new album “Closure/Continuation”, which reached number two in the UK albums chart.

This summer they will hit the road for several festivals, which, according to Wilson, should be their last concerts as a band.

In a New Year ‘s message to fans , he wrote: “First of all, a big thank you to everyone who enjoyed Porcupine Tree’s album/concerts ‘Closure/Continuation’ and my book ‘Limited Edition Of One’ last year.

“In 2023, my new album will be released, a 65-minute musical journey of 10 tracks, which is quite difficult to describe, but suffice it to say that it is different again, not to mention that it is completely pretentious (in a good way!).”

He added: “Meanwhile, the (probably final) Porcupine Tree show will consist of several festival appearances over the summer, check out the band’s channels for more information.

“There are still a lot of interesting things going on (at least for me), but for now I’ll leave you my best wishes for the coming year, I hope it will be wonderful for you.”


Singer/guitarist/keyboardist/bassist Stephen Wilson, keyboardist Richard Barbieri and drummer Gavin Harrison celebrated their return in 2022 by embarking on a European tour in October and November, culminating in a massive homecoming at SSE Wembley Arena on November 11.

Speaking to NME about their new album, Wilson said, “We felt like it was unfinished business. Our last album, The Incident, wasn’t the best. We got into the album/tour/album/tour cycle, when it was always important to feel that there was a reason to create a new record, that it should have its own personality. We walked away from all this without even wanting to.

“We actually started working on this album 10 years ago. It took so long partly because we were all doing other things, and also because the longer the time went on, the more we realized that if we were going to come back, it had to be something great that feels fresh. We couldn’t just please the fan base and give them more of the same.”


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