Popular Analyst Shared Altcoin Basket! But Attention! It Can Be Very Risky!


Paul Barron shared his altcoin investments with his followers after the recent declines. But he also warned that they are risky.

Paul Barron, one of the analysts closely followed by the crypto money market, shared his altcoin investments with his followers after the recent declines. However, Barron also warned that this altcoin basket is risky.

We can list the altcoins invested by the analyst as follows:

Mist (MIST)

Ternoa (CAPS)

Velhalla (SCAR)

Let’s take a look at why the analyst chose these cryptocurrencies…

Mist (MIST)

Mist resides on the Binance Smart Chain and can be described as an NFT roleplaying game. MIST is trading at $0.1247 as of the time of writing.

In his statements regarding the cryptocurrency, the analyst said, “The game offers users the ability to easily exchange in-game assets without any intermediaries. This can attract new users and generate additional revenue from the sale of game items and tokens.” used his words.

The investor also shares that the Mist RPG is centered around NFTs, staking and farming. Built with Unity using the in-house Mist NFT game framework, the project offers players an immersive in-game environment with five playable character classes and countless spells, abilities, and environments.

Ternoa (CAPS)

Next on the list is Ternoa (CAPS), a platform designed to securely store and ultimately transmit data. Regarding analyst Ternoa, “Ternoa uses cutting-edge technology to ensure the security of content and the appropriate transmission of data transfers.” speaks his words.

On the other hand, at the time of writing, CAPS was trading at $0.09 with a market cap of just $39 million.

In addition, the analyst highlights that the Ternoa team has developed its own application called “Application Ternoa” from the SDK, and “Ternoa Application allows to create Time Capsules to encrypt, store and transfer data securely and for a long time. These Time Capsules are NFTs published on the Ternoa blockchain.” He uses his words.

Velhalla (SCAR)

The last risky asset on the analyst’s list is Velhalla (SCAR), a crypto-metaverse platform. At the time of writing, SCAR is trading at $0.13 with a market cap of $34 million.

In his statements about the project, the analyst said, “Velhalla is a metaverse like no other on the market. It will allow its users to find themselves in a new universe where they can perform a wide variety of actions, buy and sell a virtual piece of land, acquire highly detailed characters, and be driven by the Velas blockchain.” He uses his words.

The information contained in this article does not constitute investment advice. Investors should be aware that cryptocurrencies carry high volatility and therefore risk, and should perform their transactions in line with their own research.