Popular Analyst: Get These 5 Climbing Altcoins on Your Radar!


Market conditions are quite volatile, but there are still many great opportunities in the altcoin market to potentially find, earn or accumulate some long-term positions. To get your thoughts on this subject, we have compiled the current analysis of popular crypto analyst Lark Davis.

5 altcoins to watch in 2022

The first altcoin project on the list is Moonbeam (GLMR), an Ethereum-compatible smart contract parachain on Polkadot. Moonbeam makes it easy to use popular Ethereum developer tools to build or redistribute Solidity projects in a Substrate-based environment. Moonbeam is an upcoming token and it has dropped like 40% or 50% in a very short time. Therefore, it presents an important buying opportunity, according to the analyst.

The second altcoin on the list, TraderJoe (JOE), is the one-stop decentralized trading platform on the Avalanche network. It combines DEX services with DeFi lending to offer leveraged trading. Their products are community driven which allows us to give back to users the fees collected from liquidations and swaps through the JOE/xJOE staking mechanism. The JOE token also has staking opportunities. So you can buy directly or supply liquidity to buy JOE.

The next altcoin Holoride (RIDE) takes daily trips and turns them into extreme immersive experiences by combining car data, augmented reality and Blockchain technology in the most intelligent way. The RIDE token will strengthen holoride’s partner network and enable its participants to capture the value created. This project is on the Elrond network. Investors can stake holoride directly to get more RIDEs.

The next altcoin on the list, IndiGG (INDI), is YGG’s (Yield Guild Games) India Alt DAO, built in partnership with Polygon Studios – Polygon’s gaming arm. IndiGG is India’s gaming guild that empowers players using innovative Web3 mechanics such as play-to-win. More than 30 million people are registered and trading on the cryptocurrency exchange, 30 million of the $1.6 billion in India. So, according to the analyst, it is worth getting it on the 2022 list.

The last altcoin on the list is Axelar (AXL), a universal interoperability platform that connects all blockchains through a decentralized network and an SDK of protocols and APIs. They want to be the interoperability network for the blockchain world. This feature allows you to put your dApp on the most suitable Blockchains for your use case through a single integration with Axelar. In recent months, AXL has been trading in the $0.0002 region on the verge of current bearish pressure.