Pope Francis says the pleasure of eating “comes from God”


“The pleasure of eating is there to keep you healthy when eating, just as sexual pleasure is there to make love more beautiful and ensure the perpetuation of the species.” This clever phrase did not come from the mouth of just anyone, but from the highest leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis.

And to clarify the idea, he adds: “The pleasure comes directly from God. He is not Catholic or Christian or anything else; it is simply divine ”. A series of interviews that the pontiff had with the writer Carlo Petrini since 2018 have culminated in the publication of a new book with the title Terrafutura. Dialoghi with Papa Francesco Sull’Ecologia Integrale (TerraFutura: Conversations with Pope Francis on Integral Ecology).

According to an AFP report, in addition to addressing the environmental issue, Petrini and the Pope spoke about other things, such as the pleasures and the position of the Catholic Church in this regard. “The pleasure of eating and sexual pleasure come from God,” the Pope told him, calling it “exaggerated morality … an incorrect interpretation of the Christian message” the church’s condemnation of the pleasures of life. An “excess of zeal”, he affirmed.

“The Church has condemned inhuman, brutal, vulgar pleasure, but on the other hand it has always accepted human, simple and moral pleasure”, he assured, and the contrary ideas “have caused enormous damage that even today can be felt strongly in some cases”.

The book by Petrini, founder of the global trend of “slow food”, focuses on the Pope’s vision of the environment and the movements that try to preserve it, described in his famous encyclical “Laudato Si”, published in 2015.

“You have to fight against selfishness, the thought that I exploit Mother Earth because Mother Earth is great and must give me what I want, period. It is a completely sick thought, it can only lead us to collapse “, Francisco told Petrini about the treatment that today’s society gives to nature.

And of course, the text also addresses religious practices that the pontiff accepts with an inclusive vision: “We can all pray in the same way, but this destroys human biodiversity, which is above all cultural. Not! Each one prays according to his own culture! And celebrate the sacraments according to one’s own culture ”.


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