Pop it: Scientists Say Toy Can Help Control Anxiety


Pop it: If you live with a child, you’ve probably heard of it: the pop it. This fidget toy — an English term to define toys that, according to its advertising, are anxiety reducers — is the latest to invade store shelves (virtual and physical). But does pop it really reduce stress? And can a child really be stressed? Here’s what scientists have recently discovered about the toy that promises to be one of the champions in orders this Children’s Day.

Fidget, in English, means restlessness. The word was associated with the performance of small movements, mainly of the hands and feet. Pop it enters the class of toys that act as an escape valve for this behavior. Before, we did this by clicking the pen, moving our legs, popping bubble wrap, snapping our fingers or spinning the famous — and now somewhat obsolete — spinners, those toys that became “fever” in 2017.

Pop it reduces stress?

The short answer to the question is that “yes”, pop it, a reusable version of bubble wrap that comes in all colors, sizes and amounts of marbles, can actually reduce stress and relax the body and brain of both adults. , how much of children.

The professor of Computer Media at the University of California at Santa Cruz (United States), Katherine Isbister, wrote an article on the subject on the American website The Conversation. She and her colleagues have spent the last few years studying how children and adults interact with these objects. For the specialist, the use of these toys is not just a “fever” that will soon disappear.


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