Poor Internet? Xiaomi Routers and Repeaters Options


Xiaomi: To have quality internet, it is not enough to just hire a good service from an operator in your region. In addition to high download and upload rates, you need a Wi-Fi signal repeater and router device with proper specifications. The problem is that the models delivered by companies are often very simple and do not meet the requirements of most users.

With that in mind, some manufacturers offer options of these devices to the market. Xiaomi is one of them, offering router and Wi-Fi signal repeater options that surprise because of their functions. It’s worth keeping an eye on the Chinese company’s catalog if you’re suffering from a poor quality connection.

Xiaomi Pro repeater

The Xiaomi Pro repeater is a model that can help carry the Wi-Fi network signal to rooms farther away from the router. The device is ideal for large homes or homes with many physical obstacles such as walls and furniture. With its dual antenna, the small device comes equipped with the best in repeater technology and can be configured in the App Mi Home app.

Setup is quick and very simple. In terms of technical specifications, the Xiaomi Pro repeater is capable of boosting the Wi-Fi network signal with up to 300 Mbps and 2.4 GHz frequency without the need for any wires connected to the router. The product is highly rated on the websites where it is offered.

Xiaomi Mi 4C Router

This Xiaomi router stands out because of its 300 Mbps 802.11n Wi-Fi technology. The model offers above-average stability thanks to hardware capable of supporting up to 64 devices connected at the same time. There are 64 MB of RAM memory, 16 MB of ROM storage and a 580 MHz dual-core CPU clock – specifications above the market average.

It is also important to note that this is a 4 antenna router, which means that the signal reaches a greater distance and with more intensity.

Xiaomi AX1800 Router

The most advanced and powerful Xiaomi router is the AX1800. The model has four independent signal amplifiers, capable of working together with the four antennas to carry the signal over long distances. One of the differences of this device is its ability to integrate the Mesh network, creating a single Wi-Fi network for large environments.

This 4-antenna router comes equipped with a Qualcomm processor to manage its functions, which includes the new generation of wireless network, Wi-Fi 6. The small device supports the connection of 128 devices simultaneously, in addition to frequencies of 2, 4GHz and 5GHz.


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