In the pool! Anitta makes a gallant tremendous twerking


In the pool! Anitta makes a gallant tremendous twerking. Everyone was crazy with the famous show. Brazilian singer Anitta began 2020 in the best way, having closed 2019 in a more than prosperous way, surrounded by successes.

Now that everyone knows her, the brunette does not stop sharing her most tremendous moments on social networks to continue adding more followers.

In addition to being extremely talented, everyone goes wild with the beauty of Anitta. The young woman owns a figure worthy of being admired.

And that is why her most liked photos or with more reactions and comments are usually those that the singer comes up wearing swimsuits.

Such is the case of the tremendous video that shared the top from a pool to show the play that makes a friend, DJ Gabriel Doborel.

While doing a super twerking, the brunette promotes the new theme that she and the DJ released together, “Joga sua potranca”, which is on Spotify.

At the same time fans tell her about everything, there are people a little more reserved (as everywhere) who even asks the famous to have a little … Respect?


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