Ponto Plus: Learn About The Store’s Promotional Action With Paramount+


Ponto store established a very interesting partnership for fans of movies, series and realities shows. By teaming up with Paramount+ streaming, the retailer will offer a subscription to the service until the end of the year for everyone who buys specific products in its store.

Through its official social networks, Ponto presented its mascot, the penguin Pin, updating its profile on Letterboxd — a famous website to mark the movies watched — and recommending some productions available in streaming. The Paramount Plus catalog is packed with must-see movies, as well as award-winning series and shows that have hit television audiences.

Ponto Plus: learn more about the partnership with Paramount+

Offerings related to streaming are limited to the purchase of consoles, smartphones, computers (notebooks or desktops), tablets and smart TVs.

Buying any product within these categories between July 2nd and September 2nd, and having payment approval, consumers receive a code generated within 48 hours in the store’s app, so that they can make their account on Paramount+ and have a free subscription in service until December 31, 2021.

Purchases can take place on any official Ponto channel, whether through virtual stores (website, app and WhatsApp) or physical stores. The promotion is not cumulative, so even if multiple products are purchased, they will only qualify for one Paramount+ subscription.

It is worth noting that all content on the platform can be accessed at any time during the promotion period, whether on the device purchased in the store or on any other device. Just use your login and password to enjoy.

And stay tuned, because if your purchase is reversed or cancelled, access to these productions will be lost. Please make sure all details are correct so that no problems occur with this process.

Unmissable products to take advantage of this novelty
If you were interested in this promotion, you can’t miss some products that are part of the categories eligible for the Paramount+ offer.


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