“Po*N is an art form” — “Euphoria” Star Chloe Cherry Compares The Role of an Adult Film Star to a “Traumatic” Job in a Restaurant


The provocative teen show Euphoria is mostly known for starring Zendaya and making Sidney Sweeney and Jacob Elordi stars. A teen drama about drugs and suicide is a very controversial series. Like its theme, in the second season of the show, former adult star Chloe Cherry played a drug addict Faye.


Recently, when the actress became a guest of the Emily Ratajkowski show, she openly talked about her experience in various industries. However, her most shocking revelation was the difference in the working conditions of women in porn and in restaurants.

Chloe Cherry talks about her experience in Hollywood, porn and the service industry.

Sex work is often ignored, and sex workers are not given due attention and respect, Chloe Cherry believes. She destroyed the misconception about exploitation in the porn industry, calling this profession much safer than a waitress. As a former adult film actress, Cherry has always loved porn and has wanted to become a dancer since childhood. She was always confident in her sexuality and moved to Miami at the age of 18 to pursue a career in porn.

“Porn is an art form in this world that people should respect,” she said in the OnlyFan Live video according to DailyBeast.


In porn, everyone just participates in the creation of art, women are respected and made to feel safe. She added that sex offenders do not work in porn. However, compared to this, working in a restaurant for 500 people was too traumatic for a 25-year-old guy. She had to constantly remain deaf to colorful remarks and reproach her boss for sexual harassment.


Despite the pleasure she got from working in porn, she left the industry, being ahead of the game. Becoming a famous popular porn actress has never been her goal. Moreover, while the work was good in porn, the money was much better in Hollywood. She was thrilled to have earned more money in a day than in a year working in adult films.

Do you agree with her comparison and comments about the two industries? Tell us your point of view on this question in the comments below.


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