Polyamorous Relationships: Basic Rules To Follow


Polyamorous relationships involve more than two people entangled in an emotional and affectionate bond. After the second millennium, when various kinks and lifestyles became accepted by society, polyamory became quite common in the western world. However, it isn’t the easiest thing to handle. More people in a relationship means more emotions to manage. More emotions mean extra difficulty when trying to steer through turbulent times.

However, as difficult as they sound, polyamorous relationships can still be managed pretty well with just a few tips in mind. These rules for polyamorous relationships are by no means binding, but they will help you make the most out of your love triangle, quadrant, or any configuration you choose!

What’s a Unicorn in Polyamory?

Before we move on to the rules of a polyamorous relationship, it is best to define one frequently used term in these settings. A unicorn in such a relationship is the new addition to an already existing couple eager to love both partners. For example, if a couple wants to bring on a third partner and turn polyamorous, the third person would be the unicorn.

Those are rare, hence the name, which is why there are when people are considering online dating to find a third partner for their couple, they often read reviews and select the unicorn dating site available. Finding a third person loving (and making love with) both partners isn’t an easy feat, but if you do discover such a person, consider yourself extremely lucky.

Basic rules to follow in polyamorous relationships

Here are some of the most basic rules to follow in a polyamorous relationship. All of them are simply recommendations, but if you choose to follow them, you can rest assured there will be at least a few problems less in your relationship.

The Unicorn Bounds

Since a unicorn is a new addition to an already existing team, the unicorn, by default, doesn’t have much say in many matters. The pre-existing couple gets to decide the course of action primarily, but they can always invite the unicorn to weigh in on the decisions they make if that’s what they want.

Safe Sex, Forever

One of the most important rules in a polyamorous relationship is to be extra vigilant about your sex life. Staying safe when it comes to sex means making conscious choices to remain safe. These choices get even more difficult when you have the option to be with more than one partner.

If you are infected with an STD, you can risk infecting the entirety of your polyamorous wagon. Similarly, if only one of your partners is infected and you acquire an STD from them, you can potentially spread it to everyone if you are not careful.

The risk of infection increases when you’re having unprotected sex with multiple people. Always use protection and get tested regularly. Ensure that your partners do the same as well. Talking about it is hard, but it’s necessary to ensure everyone is healthy and happy!

Be ready to share a lot!

Although most people in a polyamorous relationship understand that they will have to share quite a lot, jealousy can still prevail in many circumstances. The very nature of human affection makes it a difficult feeling to share with anyone else. The more secure and comfortable you feel around a person, the less you want to make others feel the same way.

Even if you do get past the hurdle of feeling jealous whenever your partner is a little extra with another person in your trio, the feeling of being left out might get to you. It might come up at an unexpected time, even when communicating on an online dating site before arranging the first encounter.

Therefore it’s important to understand that you will have to share a lot of things before getting into polyamory, primarily the warm feeling of love and affection, but everything else too!

Pros and Cons of Polyamory


Successfully practicing polyamory breeds confidence, happiness, and trust above all. Here is everything great about being in a polyamorous relationship:


Generally, couples who trust each other to share their sex life with other people and still not drift apart exhibit unnatural levels of trust and honesty with each other. People invested in polyamory have nothing to hide, so they never do!

Firm Boundaries

A polyamorous relationship functions on established ground rules that all the parties must accept before jumping on the bandwagon. These boundaries create a sense of exclusiveness and trust because each member’s privacy is maintained, which is also a quality of the best polyamorous dating sites, should you choose to explore one of them.


Despite being the first choice for many couples as an instrument to express their true sexuality, polyamorous relationships are not without their fair share of cons.


We’ve already explored how polyamory can breed jealousy and spite when the balance of the relationship is tilted in a certain direction. Jealousy is a natural response, and it can be a lot harder than it seems to get rid of it entirely.

Lack of effort

When so many people are entangled in a romantic relationship, the efforts associated with individual romance seem to die out. This is because nobody is ever out of options in a polyamorous relationship. It just doesn’t seem natural to try and win someone over with extra efforts when you have other options waiting for you in bed.


Polyamorous relationships are wonderful tools for people to express their sexuality, and they often use modern ways of making it happen, thanks to online dating sites. They are amazing in the sense that they function on the strongest pillar of a relationship forged by nothing but trust. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they have their drawbacks.

Finding a balance between functional polyamory and a miserable three-way can be hard, but it’s not impossible. Follow the rules stated above, from the starting point of searching for your unicorn at the online dating services to introducing them to your bed, and you’re sure to find your way through to a perfect polyamorous relationship.