Poly Network Wants to Hire Hacker Who Stole BRL 3 Billion


Although it has not discovered the identity of the thief who stole more than US$ 600 million (about R$ 3.2 billion), the Chinese cryptocurrency platform Poly Network has already contacted the hacker and took action: in addition to offering a million-dollar reward, invited him to be his company’s chief digital security consultant.

Released by Poly itself last week (10), the occurrence is considered the biggest theft of cryptocurrencies ever carried out. But the surprises did not stop there: the cybercriminal, in an unusual move, decided to return most of the money, keeping around US$33 million (R$178 million) with him.

The return of digital coins only took place after the Poly Network notified internet users, other exchanges and miners in general, asking them not to accept transactions involving the addresses of the miscreant’s wallet. Identified as Mr. White Hat (Mr. White Hat, the name given to “good” hackers), the criminal maintained contacts with the company.

What did the hacker say to Poly Network?

In a post made on Tuesday (17) on Medium, the Chinese platform assured that it has no intention of holding the hacker legally responsible, as it believes “that Mr. White Hat will promptly return full control of the assets to Poly Network and its users”.

At first, Poly Network offered the attacker a $500,000 ($2.7 million) Ethereum reward as a reward for identifying the bugs that allowed the system to be hacked. As the hacker declined the offer (although the credit was made to his wallet), the company decided to formally invite him to the position of chief security advisor.

Mr. White Hat’s response was affectionate: “Dear Poly, I’m glad you’re moving things in the right direction! His attempts are very convincing, but his actions demonstrate distrust”. And he concluded by saying that he is not yet ready to publish the key (to return the rest of the money) this week.


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