Poly Network Offers Reward To Hacker Who Stole Cryptocurrencies


Victim of what is called “the biggest cryptocurrency theft ever,” the Poly Network finance platform offered a cash reward to the hacker who hacked into the company’s systems.

According to the Reuters news agency, the person responsible for the theft could receive a bonus of US$500,000 — about R$2.6 million in direct currency conversion — for helping to show the apparent vulnerabilities in the Poly Network system that led to the theft and to improve the protection of environments involving cryptocurrencies.

Nothing is what it seems like

The turnaround in the case began to unfold this Thursday (12), when the company confirmed that a good part of the almost US$ 600 million stolen in Ethereum had already been returned by the invader, who apparently had no intention of actually running away with the value. .

As the Poly Network releases indicate, this is a white hat hacker, that is, an ethical specialist who performs penetration tests on systems to point out flaws.

The original report does not confirm whether or not the sponsor accepted the reward, but the answer would have already been given. Another hypothesis raised by experts in the field suggests that the cybercriminal would not be able to transfer or launder the stolen money, and therefore adopted the collaborative invasion strategy.


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