Polly Meets a Mermaid in Polly Pocket, Season 4, Part 2 [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]


Screen Rant is proud to present an exclusive excerpt from the 4th season of Polly Pocket, Part 2: The Adventures of Tiny Taste, which will premiere on August 1 on Netflix. The first part of season 4 called “Summer of Adventures” was released back in April and consisted of 13 episodes. Based on the popular Mattel toy line of the same name, the show places Polly in all sorts of magical worlds for the entertainment of children, and all thanks to a magic locket that allows her to shrink herself and her friends. The latest iteration first debuted on the Family Channel in Canada, and then moved to Netflix.

Polly Pocket has become so popular on the streaming platform that Mattel has not only released a new line of toys based on the Netflix series, but has also sold the broadcast rights to more than a dozen countries around the world. The latest set of episodes promises to be a delightful addition to the story, where Polly joins her family and friends who cook, bake and eat all over Littleton. As the episode titles suggest, next month the tiny characters will be involved in everything from apple picking to pizza tasting.

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However, the exclusive Screen Rant clip from Season 4 of Polly Pocket, Part 2: Tiny Taste Adventures, focuses not so much on new food as on new friends. “The Kingdom of the Mermaids” consists of two parts, in which the Pocket family goes on a trip to the new Pierce College in Cosmo City. Before her brother can say goodbye and embark on his new adventure, Polly wants them to go somewhere else together. Then Polly’s locket takes them under the water, where they meet the mermaid Marina. Watch the full clip from the Netflix series below:

Marina has her own problems to deal with, so of course she thinks Polly and Pierce are warriors who can help the whole Mermaid Kingdom—especially when she sees their transformation abilities. But when it seems like they’re stuck there with no way home, Polly has to figure out if she’s doing everything she can to help, or if she’s afraid of destroying her family. After all, the Pocket Medallion brought her and Pierce closer together for the first time, and college can do the opposite.

However, not only mermaids and family farewells are waiting for children and parents who immerse themselves in Polly Pocket. There are many stories about the Peanut’s Pitstop diner, as well as about Cake Con and Guactober Fest, which are worth visiting. And don’t forget about the pet fair! Fans will see Polly and her friends relive all the adventures Littleton has to offer when new episodes come out next week.


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