Police officers targeted in LA, situation critical


Two US police officers were attacked by an unknown gunner in the southern suburbs of Los Angeles on Saturday night local time (tonight at TEC). They were taken to a hospital in critical condition, the CNN news server reported today.

“One man and a woman from the Los Angeles police force were attacked while sitting in a patrol car. They both suffered multiple gunshot wounds,” police said on Twitter. The attacker was not detained and the circumstances of the violence, which took place around 19:00 local time in the Los Angeles suburb of Compton, are still unclear.

The video, which was posted on Twitter, shows an unknown person approaching a police car, shoots inside and then runs away. “It’s a sad reminder that this is a dangerous job,” local sheriff Alex Villanueva told a news conference.

The attack comes at a time when the debate over racism and police violence has resumed after several deaths and injuries from blacks in security forces in the United States.

Hit hard, Trump wrote

President Donald Trump shared a video of the attack on Twitter. “Beasts that need to be hit hard,” he wrote in a commentary.

“At the moment, we have a very, very general description of a dark-skinned man we obtained from one of the victims of the attack,” Kent Sheriff of the Sheriff’s Office told a news conference. According to the American media, the target of the attack was a 31-year-old policewoman, who is the mother of one child, and a 24-year-old police officer.

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