Police officer charged in George Floyd case released


Derek C. had strangled Floyd with his knee until Floyd died. He is released on bail of one million dollars; the origin of the money is unknown.

The former police officer Derek C., who was accused in the George Floyd case, has deposited a bail of one million US dollars (almost 850,000 euros) and is free again. The US prison authorities confirmed that C. had left the maximum security prison in Oak Park Heights, Minnesota. It is not yet known where he got the money from.

The former police officer is accused of pressing the knee into the neck of the black US citizen George Floyd when he was arrested at the end of May until he died. Passers-by filmed the event. The video shows how C. does not remove his knee for several minutes, even though Floyd says many times that he cannot breathe. Previously, Floyd had refused to get into a police car. A salesman had called the police because he suspected that Floyd had paid with a fake $ 20 bill.

Police union is silent on the origin of the bail money

The main suspect, C., was charged with second degree murder. In the United States, this offense refers to acts of violence in which the perpetrator wanted to commit serious crimes but accidentally killed the victim. The other three police officers involved in the arrest are charged with aiding and abetting. They had already paid a deposit of $ 750,000 each and are also free.

A spokeswoman for the Minnesota Police Department said her fund for police lawyers did not raise bail money. The responsible police union could not be reached at first. In the United States, it is common for police unions to vigorously advocate for accused members. Many critics of police violence in the US have for years accused the authorities of protecting violent police officers from persecution.

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C. had the option of paying a $ 1.25 million deposit. As a result, he would have been released without conditions until the start of the trial in March 2021. Since he only paid $ 1 million, he must be present at all court hearings on the case, have no direct or indirect contact with any of Floyd’s relatives, work in the police or security services, and own a gun.

Mass protests against racist police violence

The killing of Floyd sparked massive protests against racism and police violence in many cities across the country. The demonstrators are demanding, among other things, cuts in funds from the police, which are often poorly trained and equipped with military equipment. Groups like the civil rights movement Black Lives Matter are also calling for more action to be taken against racism in society and in the security authorities.

Many of the demonstrations resulted in looting and rioting. US President Donald Trump uses this violence for his election campaign: Despite the mostly peaceful participants, he described the protesters as “left fascists” and “mob”. He sent federal units to some protests, such as in the city of Portland, some of which arbitrarily arrested people. Opponents of the president have criticized him for months for not taking the concerns of the demonstrators seriously. They accuse him of escalation tactics in favor of his election campaign.


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