Police Identify Gang That Applied ‘Motoboy Coup’


Motoboy: This Thursday (11), the Civil Police of Santa Catarina identified a criminal organization responsible for the “motoboy coup”, which acted mainly in Florianópolis and Balneário Camboriú. Formed by swindlers, middle-class youths made their victims believe they were returning bank cards to a motorcycle courier sent by the bank.

The criminals focused on the elderly public and acted through phone calls, where a woman posed as an employee of the correspondent bank contacting them, informing them that the credit cards had been cloned. During the call, he was told that a motorcycle courier would be sent to the victim’s home to collect them. After withdrawing the cards, the group made several purchases at establishments or at their own card machines.

According to data from the investigation, one of the members of the organization managed, in just two months, to transfer more than R$ 2 million in one of the several accounts he has. The authors are at large.

The investigation began in December 2020, after a man was arrested in the act in a luxury building in Florianópolis. According to those responsible for the operation, it was one of the criminal organization’s card collectors.

After this arrest and after months of diligence, the main members were identified and it was possible to carry out preventive arrests, blockage of financial assets and other measures granted by the Judiciary.