Police Close Stores and Seize Pirated Cable TV Products


TV: Throughout this week, operations carried out the closing of stores and the seizure of pirated pay-TV equipment. As reported by the Brazilian Pay Television Association (ABTA), the cases took place in the Port of Santos and greater São Paulo.

On Wednesday (9), inspectors from the Federal Revenue and the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) seized 17 thousand counterfeit decoders. The cargo, according to investigations, was valued at R$ 8.5 million and would be sent to Paraguay before returning to Brazil.

This operation was part of Anatel’s Action Plan to Combat Piracy (PACP). According to the agency, in 2021 it has already seized more than one million irregular products.

Seizure in Santa Ifigenia

This Friday (11), the Civil Police of São Paulo closed stores that sold IPTV devices without Anatel approval. The set-top boxes, in this case, are used to “copy” the closed TV signal, but without the need to pay for a subscription. The “Operation Without Signal”, carried out in the center of the capital, carried out orders in about 56 addresses.

The focus of the Civil Police was the Santa Efigênia street, popular for electronics stores in the city. Until then, the number of devices seized was not disclosed. The police informs, however, that they will be inspected and, if it is proven that they are illegal products, those responsible for the stores will be held responsible.

According to ABTA, with data from Anatel and IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), the impact of piracy on the Brazilian pay TV market is R$ 15.5 billion per year. A survey commissioned by the association to Mobile Time/Opinion Box cites that 33 million Brazilians consume pay TV content illegally.


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