Polestar 3 Will Be The First SUV Of Polestar, It Will Be Very Similar To The Precept Concept


Swedish-based automaker Polestar introduced the Precept concept in February. With a new statement from the company, it was announced that Polestar 3, which will be the company’s first SUV, will be very similar to the Precept concept.

The coronavirus pandemic affects car manufacturers, as it affects many companies. Auto fairs where car manufacturers introduced their new cars were delayed or canceled due to the virus outbreak. The Geneva Motor Show, one of the most important auto shows, is also among the canceled events due to the coronavirus epidemic.

The postponement of the Geneva Motor Show had disrupted the introduction of new cars from automakers. Due to the postponement of the fair, companies started to introduce their new vehicles online.

Due to the cancellation of the Geneva Motor Show, Swedish-based automaker Polestar had to introduce the Precept concept online. The first tool to carry the design lines of the Precept concept, which shows the brand’s new design lines and technologies, has also been determined.

Polestar 3 was introduced with the Precept concept
Polestar’s Design Manager Maximilian Missoni announced that the first tools to carry the Precept concept will be Polestar 3. Missoni said, “Precept has not only introduced the design language of the brand. He also introduced Polestar 3 ”.

Contrary to expectations, Polestar 3 will appear as an SUV, not a sedan. Polestar 3 will be the first SUV of the Swedish automaker. Published photos of the vehicle show that the Precept concept is remarkably reflected in the SUV.

The SmartZone design style of the Precept concept seems to be carried to other contours as well as the front of the vehicle. Precept’s LED headlight design and stop design, called Thor’s Hammer, will also be featured in Polestar 3. The car’s cabin will have an Android-based 15-inch infotainment display and a 12.5-inch driver display.

Polestar manager Missoni announced that interior improvements will continue in the company’s future vehicles. Missoni said that thanks to their collaboration with Google, the infotainment system and the voice recognition system will take their tools to the next level.

It will be the first SUV of the Swedish-based car manufacturer, and we will wait a while to see Polestar 3, which draws attention with its design, on the roads. Polestar 3, which will be an electric SUV, will be on the market in 2021.


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