Polaroid returns with its new name!


The once popular camera, Polaroid, has undergone a lot of change in the past 10 years. After the company announced that it had abandoned the film format, the Impossible Project was resurrected in 2011 and sold its films with the Polaroid Spirit 600 Camera at Urban Outfitters. The popular brand brought the brand back to “Polaroid Originals” with the camera called “Impossible Project”, “OneStep 2”, and then “OneStep Plus” in 2018.

Now Polaroid faces a vicious circle. Polaroid Originals took back the classic Polaroid brand. And to celebrate, it’s launching a new $ 99 camera called Polaroid Now. Like OneStep 2 and OneStep Plus, this model works with the I-Type movie of the Impossible Project. You can also get classic, battery-powered 600 format packs if you approve additional payment for the camera reminiscent of this nostalgia.

Compatible with Portrait and Landscape shots
Unlike its newer cameras, Polaroid Now does not bother its user with multiple lenses or unnecessary connectivity features. Instead, it has an auto focus system. It also works on 35mm or 40mm lenses. Thus, Polaroid claims to be able to accurately capture a portrait or landscape.

This camera also has a viewfinder. In the new Polaroid, which has a better flash than previous Polaroid Classic models, you should consider the lighting conditions of the camera to adjust the tone of the flash. If you don’t want to use the flash, there is a disable button next to the yellow power button on every shot. For continuous shooting without flash, just double tap this button.

Double exposure and auto timing
In addition, Polaroid Now has double exposure and self-timer mode. In these modes, both of which are activated by the same button, two taps are enough to enable double exposure. The camera can be charged via a Micro USB port on the side.

Polaroid will be released in limited edition each of the five colors that are part of the classic rainbow logo. These colors are; blue, orange, red, green and yellow. Now Polarid he come to Turkey? The question carries an uncertain answer, as it will be produced in limited numbers.