Polaroid launches the world’s smallest instant analog camera


Polaroid: Legendary manufacturer Polaroid has announced a new instant camera for the photography enthusiast market. This is the Polaroid Go, which is the smallest instantaneous analog model ever marketed by the brand, in addition to being the most compact in the world.

The camera is an even more compact version of Polaroid Now, launched in 2020, with very small measurements: 6.09 x 8.32 x 10.41 cm.

It also has a 750 mAh battery with timer for group photos and the possibility of double exposure with just one click on a physical button.

Due to its size, the manufacturer also introduced a new instant film, Color Go. It is especially suitable for environments with intense brightness or photos using the flash.


Polaroid Go is already in pre-order in the United States and will be available for purchase on April 27, 2021.

The suggested price is US $ 99.99 (about R $ 556 in direct currency conversion), only with the single camera, and US $ 19.99 (or R $ 111) for a double film package. The model will be sold only in the traditional white color.


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