Polaroid, inspired by the Disney series The Mandalorian.


Disney + is one of the most anticipated VOD services in recent years. Its offer of children’s films, as well as the new series of franchises such as Marvel or Star Wars are reasons enough for many to subscribe. One of his most successful series has been The Mandalorian, a series that will have its own design stamped on a Polaroid photo machine.

This is the new Polaroid The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian has been one of the great series that Disney + left us last year. The storyline of a Mandalorian bounty hunter who protects the life of the Child, whom many have dubbed “Baby Yoda,” is action-packed in true Star Wars style. His merchandising and fan art have circulated throughout the Network, demonstrating his success and the charisma of the character played by Pedro Pascal.

Merchandising is highly coveted by series and movie lovers, and now all lovers of this series will have a reason to buy a Polaroid The Mandalorian edition. The camera is the Polaroid Now I-Type model, which stands out for its square design seen from the front and elongated. Like any good instant camera, it has a storage space for photos in its base. You just have to press the button with your index finger to take a photo and take it right away. But this edition is more special because of its design.

The front part is all painted black except for the logo of the brand and the series, which are arranged in the most elongated part. These will be stamped in silver in the same way as the base of the camera. But the back will be the most loved by users as it has the Din Djarin emblem on the back in a triangular part of gold color. It will be here where you have the viewfinder in the upper left and the remaining i-Type film counter on the right.

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And here we have to make a point, and it is that Polaroid has taken an extra element of the series. This is the photographic film that comes out of the base every time you shoot a snapshot. Not that the new edition will have a different effect when they are removed, they simply change the white color of the frame to a dark blue color with the Child at the bottom in a different pose each time.

The Polaroid The Mandalorian camera is now available in the official store at a price close to 140 euros. There is also a pack with the special frames that we mentioned before that amounts to 190 euros.


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