PolaFine Bauman’s reaction to Nebraska’s terrible loss on Saturday


Paul Finebaum brought a flamethrower to McElroy and Kubelik in the morning on Monday.

Referring to Nebraska’s ugly 31-28 defeat in Dublin, Finebaum said the program had no one to blame but itself for its failure.

They’re in a terrible position because everyone assumes he’s going to be fired, and it reminds me a little bit of what happened in Southern California last year. They lost early, fired Clay Helton, spent the entire fall looking for a new coach and eventually got perhaps the best result of the offseason. And I think that’s where [Nebraska AD] Trev Alberts should be today. He did the old routine in college, [bringing Frost back], but this program is too good to be run by someone who makes the wrong decisions at the wrong time.

The ESPN personality continued by pointing to Huskers’ move to B1G as one of the most important determining factors in his downfall.

I think this has been going on for a while, but you could argue that Nebraska didn’t go that bad, they just became irrelevant. The Big Ten movement didn’t help them. Their national brand has shrunk while others have increased, and it doesn’t really matter anymore. Programs come and go. … At the end of the day, you keep making the wrong decisions and just wallow in oblivion, and I think that’s where Nebraska is. He doesn’t have a great geographical base, and I think he has become a victim of the Big Ten movement, which is not going very well.

After Saturday’s loss, Nebraska became the first team in major conferences to lose seven straight games by single digits; an unfortunate theme of the Scott Frost era.


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