Pokimane Responds to Boyfriend’s Claims After TikTok Video Sparked Rumors


The Twitch Pokimane star has responded to fan speculation after her latest TikTok video sparked rumors that she has a secret boyfriend.

Imane “Pokimane” Anis denies rumors about her personal life after fans noticed a “mysterious guy” in one of her recent TikTok.

Pokimane has been very secretive about her romantic prospects throughout her ten-year career as a streamer on Twitch. Although she was connected to various other influencers here and there, Poki herself did not confirm anything.

Last year, these rumors reached a climax after she invited a guy named “Kevin” to her broadcast, which led fans to assume that they were secretly dating.

Pokimane’s New TikTok Sparked Boyfriend Rumors
Pokey has never confirmed or denied her possible romantic relationship with Kevin… but now fans are completely focused on another guy.

On January 29, Pokimane uploaded a short clip to TikTok showing her daily life. In the video, she goes to the gym, where she trains with an unknown man.

“First of all, I go to the gym,” Enis says during the recording. “He raises. I’m picking it up. It’s very hard and painful.”

Viewers instantly tuned in to the mysterious guy she was training with, prompting one commentator to ask, “Does he lift? Who is he Pokey? Who is he?”

However, according to Pokimane, absolutely nothing happens between them. In fact, the streamer says that he is just her personal trainer and is already in a serious relationship with someone else.

“Lmao, this is my coach @roydian on Instagram!” she replied. “He has a very hot model girlfriend.”

It seems that Pokimane’s personal life is still a secret… and she says she plans to keep it that way, claiming in a previous video that if she starts “clarifying certain assumptions about me and other people, it kind of narrows down the circle of those I can see.” or maybe not.”


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