Pokimane fan got a tattoo with a face on her body


Fans have been tattooing their favorite celebrities for ages, and people don’t look askance when they show up with the face of their favorite actor or singer tattooed on their body. For some, however, it may still be difficult to match the popularity of Twitch or YouTube streamers with the level of fame that until recently was reserved for Hollywood celebrities and rock stars. But some content creators, such as Pokimane, Amouranth or Dr Disrespect, have actually achieved such a degree of admiration from some viewers.

Therefore, it is not surprising that fans have begun to apply Twitch and YouTube content creators to the skin of the face or even the breath. One Reddit user under the nickname Conor_exe recently shared a rather large black-and-white portrait of Pokimane, which is forever engraved on his biceps. After two eight-hour sessions, the work of art is not finished yet and requires another eight hours of work. After that, according to Conor_exe, they plan to get a valkyrie tattoo on their forearm.

As expected, the answers to Conor_exe’s life choice are ambiguous, although most seem to be against their decision to get a Pokimane tattoo. Most of the commenters on the Reddit thread seem either puzzled or incredulous, and one person expressed confidence that Conor_exe is trolling the forum.

Another 8-hour session in September will be over 😂😅 and maybe after that I will get a Valkyrie 😅 from Pokimane

However, Conor_exe doesn’t seem to mind haters or ridicule, as he has shared images of the tattoo on several subreddits. In response to a question from one of the commentators why they tattooed Pokimane’s face on their arm, Conor_exe replied: “Personally, I like portrait tattoos. I really like the characters of the TV show.” Then they said that they already have tattoos on the other arm of three more people, including Clark Griffin and Madi from the sci-fi series “Hundred”. The Pokimane tattoo will eventually be joined by one of Daenerys, who is planned on the other side of the bicep.

Oddly enough, getting a Twitch streamer tattoo may seem like Conor_exe is pleased and even proud of the Pokimane work they’ve done, and ultimately it’s their decision. People make characters from video games and even tattoo the PlayStation DualShock controller on their body, which may seem like an equally questionable choice for those who are not interested in video games.

Getting a tattoo is a much safer and less intimidating way to show loyalty to a Twitch or YouTube streamer than some of the other methods fans use. In the past, content creators such as Valkyrae have talked about some disturbing cases with stalkers, IRL stream snipers and other disturbing incidents.


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