Pokémon will have a special 20-minute event this Friday


Pokémon fans, write on the agenda: this Friday (26), Nintendo and the Pokémon Company will hold a special presentation regarding the series of pocket creatures. It will have 20 minutes, and is scheduled to start at 12 noon, Brasília time.

Although there is no confirmation of the content that will be brought in this presentation, it is considered that it will bring the much-talked about remake of Diamond and Pearl, which were released for Nintendo DS. Remember that the 27th is known as Pokémon Day, so we can expect something big to come up at the event.

In addition to this possible announcement, we can also expect something related to Pokémon GO and even some kind of novelty associated with Pokémon Sword / Shield, New Pokémon Snap and even Pokémon Unite. So be careful not to miss any details.


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