Pokémon: what you need to know about the game’s origins!


Pokémon has therefore not finished seducing fans around the world. 25 years after its creation, we discover the origins of this series of games!

Pokémon appeal to fans of all generations. It must be said that the license has transcended the ages, after all. Since its appearance 25 years ago, it has even been a phenomenon. Cards, games, series… So what are the origins of the Pocket Monsters?

It does not make us younger at all but then not at all! Indeed, the series of games and Pokémon anime is a delight for young and old alike.

So it’s not for nothing that Bigflo has been collecting rare cards since he was a kid. The latter was even able to have the right to collectibles from the brand this year.

Finally, Oli’s friend and brother is not the only one who makes these little monsters his passion. Many of them want to catch them all, after all!

Appeared in Japan, the video game has then been adapted into cartoons, animated films and everything! You can even now hunt Pokémon on your smartphone with Pokémon Go.

So what is the secret behind the creation of this game released on Game Boy in 1996? We go back to the roots of Pocket Monster, the masterpiece of video games for an entire generation.

Pokémon: learn all about the origins of the cult game!


Everyone remembers, not without a touch of emotion, the first installments of Pokémon. The red and blue cartridges are over 20 years old … A hell of a thing, isn’t it?

Note that before that, Satoshi Tajiri and his team took almost 6 years to design these pixelated monsters. The origins of this game come from the words “Pocket” and “Monsters”.

From there was born the project that we know today as Pokémon. To create these monsters, its creator tells in The Saga of Video Games how the idea was born.

So he was inspired by his passion for insects and their quirks. “Every time I discovered a new one, it was a puzzle to me,” he says.

“The more I looked for bugs, the more things I found. When I put my hand in the river, it happened that I came out with a crayfish, ”he continues.

This insect hunt gave him the idea to create a game in which to go hunting for monsters. The first he imagined then was Rhinoferos.

It’s kind of funny when you know that it’s only the 112th Pokémon on the Pokédex. Either way, the game quickly rose to legendary status with Nintendo, who didn’t really believe in it.

The craze was all the more pressing with the rumor of a 151st monster that could not be found on the red and blue cartridges: Mew. The machine was on!


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