Pokemon VGC: The best tanks for competitive play


Those who like Pokemon VGC know that there are many roles that different Pokemon can perform. Players should strive for a cohesive team, and tanks are a reliable option when it comes to combining offensive and defensive combat strategies.

What makes a Pokemon a tank is its ability to withstand a lot of damage and at the same time return a significant amount of damage. Pokemon falling into this category are stubborn beasts on the battlefield, and they should not be underestimated. Players can gain the upper hand in combat with the right tank in their team because they also usually perform supporting roles. Let’s take a look at some of the best tanks used in competitive battles.


HP: 100

Attack: 134

Protection: 110

Sp. Atk: 95

Sp. Protection: 100

Speed: 61

The Tiranitar is an incredibly efficient tank from the second generation. It has a well-balanced distribution of stats, with the exception of low speed. This is offset by high attack capabilities and the same type of attack bonus (STAB) with techniques such as Crunch, Stone Edge and Rock Slide. Tyranitar has a system of compromises when typing, because no matter how strong an offensive type like Rock/Dark is, it is at the mercy of 7 types; players should especially keep an eye on the types of fighting.

Nevertheless, its mass impresses with solid HP, Defense and Sp. Protection. Its protective characteristics are even more effective in Dynamax with Sp. Increased protection from Max Quake. Grimmsnarl is a great teammate for the Tyrannitar because he can set up barriers that allow the Tyrannitar to spam the Dragon Dance and give him time to activate the Weakness Policy, increasing the Tyrannitar’s Sp. Attack and Attack in 2 stages.


HP: 114

Attack: 85

Protection: 70

Sp. Atk: 85

Sp. Protection: 80

Speed: 30

Amoonguss can be surprisingly tenacious. Herbal / poisonous mushroom Pokemon belongs to generation V. Since his entry into VGC, players have taken advantage of his survivability and decent attack stats, making him an excellent choice for support and offense in most teams.

Although his low speed means he will get some kind of hit before moving, he can survive most of the hits due to his high health and defense. When an opponent makes a physical attack, there is a chance that the Effect Spore ability will activate and poison, paralyze or put him to sleep. In addition, Amungus’ best offensive techniques tend to have STAB, so he deals a decent amount of damage. The Hidden Ability Regenerator, which restores up to 33.3% of its health when called out of combat and moves like a Giga Drain, can extend Amungus’ life on the battlefield even longer.


HP: 100

Attack: 125

Protection: 90

Sp. Atk: 60

Sp. Protection: 70

Speed: 85

Rillaboom was introduced in Generation VIII and is the last form of the Grass-type starter Gruka. In Pokemon VGC, it is a popular support choice because of its set of movements. Techniques such as Drum Beating give players an advantage in speed and turn order, reducing the speed indicator of the switched Pokemon. This usually ensures that he will move first. Players also have the choice of U-turn, knockout and fake exit.

The Rillaboom is a versatile tank, and although it is a good support Pokemon, its offensive abilities cannot be ignored by opponents. He has a decent speed score, and his attack score makes him hit hard when he lands. Also, his Overgrow ability is triggered when his health is low, so attacks can potentially cause additional damage. He does all this by using his strong defense and high health to absorb damage and survive for a long time. Rillaboom is a great choice to counter water types like Kyrogre and Blastoise, and the combination of Grassy Surge with the Grassy Glide movement turns the playing field in your favor with the triggered Grassy Terrain.


HP: 79

Attack: 83

Protection: 100

Sp. Atk: 85

Sp. Protection: 105

Speed: 78

Blastosis is best known for its mass. Generation I Starter is a classic single player and competitive Pokemon scene. In competitive mode, Blastose holds the defense, absorbing most of the damage and giving players time to strike. To use Blastoise effectively, players need to pair it with the right Pokemon. For example, Rain Dish is a handy recovery ability, but it only works when it rains on the field, so admittedly it’s limiting.

Despite his bulk, he still has access to moves that cause problems on the field in attack. Rapid rotation not only deals damage, but also serves as an auxiliary technique, clearing the field of any input hazards and binding movements. The hydraulic pump is a reliable STAB variant that can break through most types, and its “Torrent” ability enhances water—type movements when the health of the Blast drops to a certain level. For another boost, players can use a Shell Strike, which reduces Protection and Specials. Defense, but increases Attack, Sp. Attack and Speed in return.


HP: 80

Attack: 135

Protection: 130

Sp. Atk: 95

Sp. Protection: 90

Speed: 70

​​Introduced in Generation III, the Metagross is an almost perfect tank.


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