Pokémon Unite wins beta test period in Canada


Pokémon Unite, a strategic team battle game, is about to win an exclusive beta test phase for those who live in Canada. Recently, the game also had a testing phase in China, where the disclosure of images and videos involving the novelty was expressly prohibited. The game is in development by The Pokémon Company and Tencent Games and is expected to arrive in March this year.

One of the points that draws attention to this new title is the fact that it can be played in crossplay between Nintendo Switch and Android / iOS, although this beta that takes place in Canada is restricted to Android devices. In addition, it will also be free when it premieres.

Regarding the gameplay, it is known that it will be a MOBA with battles of 5 against 5. Teams cooperate with each other to defeat enemy Pokémon and capture creatures that are wild. These achievements and others generate points for the whole team and the team with the most points wins within a certain time. According to the game page, Pokémon Unite is a new type of battle in the anime universe that requires teamwork and strategy. It was also thought to be simple, but full of complexities.

Since it was released almost a year ago, more playable pokémon have been added, visuals have been improved and gameplay improvements have been made. Canadians will be able to download through the page on the Google Play Store and create their registration to be able to experience the game.

The note released by the official website reinforces that it is necessary to live in Canada, be at least 16 years old and that all progress made during the period will be reset when the game is released. Game streams cannot be made either.

It is worth mentioning that the title involving the anime may end up as a major release, there is an expectation fence. That’s because Pokémon GO arrived breaking records, raising $ 100 million in just one month, according to Forbes.


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