Pokémon Unite Will Have Blissey As The Next Healer


Expanding the list of creatures present on the Pokémon Unite selection screen, the game’s production team announced that Blissey is the next fighter to join the support team. Its release date has been confirmed for next Wednesday (18th).

Although she still doesn’t have a move list for her, it’s to be expected that she will start out as Chansey and unlock the last form after evolving a few levels. From the first video released, it is possible to see that the nurse assistant Joy in the animation will have a basic attack that allows her to attack opponents from a distance with eggs, and Unite Move makes her run towards an ally to help him with a temporary protection against attacks.

Did you like the addition? It’s worth mentioning that at the moment Pokémon Unite is only available for Switch, but it will make its way to Android and iOS sometime in September.


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