Pokémon Unite: Video Compares Switch vs. Cell Phone


Pokémon Unite made its debut today, September 22, on cell phones and mobile devices, leaving its exclusivity to Switch. As it could not be otherwise, we already have the first comparative videos of the game’s performance running on a smartphone versus Nintendo’s mobile device.

The video above was made by ElAnalistaDeBits, who put Pokémon Unite to run on a Samsung Galaxy S21 and made comparisons with its performance on Switch. And the bottom line is that cell phones will offer many advantages over Nintendo’s console.

Among some points highlighted by the author of the video, he mentions that the mobile version of Pokémon Unite is a direct port of Switch, without changing anything. But smartphones that offer the minimum requirements to run the game will already be able to take your experience further, with resolutions higher than the Switch’s 720p in its portable mode, for example.

In the description of the video it is also mentioned that the loading times are faster on the Galaxy S21, and he points out that in times of stress, Pokémon Unite gets to be below 50 frames per second on Switch. Unfortunately, for this part, we don’t have a comparison with the cell phone, so we don’t know if it also has some drop in frames and if it would be as expressive as it occurs on the Nintendo console.

Pokémon Unite is now available for download on mobile phones, both Android and iOS.


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