Pokémon Unite: see how to install the free game


Pokémon Unite, the long-awaited MOBA of monsters in the best League of Legends style, is now available to play on mobile phones! Although it is still in beta, it is possible to install and play the title in Brazil without needing a VPN!

To do so, simply install the Tap Tap application, which is completely safe and can be downloaded here. Our team has already tested and guarantees that it does not bring any harm to your device, and the whole process can be done with absolute security.

How to install Pokémon Unite on Tap Tap?

Getting started is very simple and our tutorial can be completed in minutes! As Tap Tap is an application mainly focused on games launched in the Asian market, it is an excellent option for downloading files in advance that may not yet be available in our stores.

Then download the Tap Tap, start the application normally and open your internal search. There, search for “Pokemon”, which will display the Pokémon Unite result, probably at the very top of the page and as the main result. Otherwise, drag the screen down a bit until you find it.

Click on the game window to start your download and confirm your choice whenever requested. It is likely that Tap Tap will ask for access to your files, so authorize it, as this will ensure the correct installation of the APK, the game’s executable. If you have any questions, the FenixYTV channel has prepared a very complete step-by-step video tutorial, as you can see below:


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