Pokémon Unite: players criticize skin sale for $225


Pokémon Unite: A new style for the little monster Alolan Ninetales came to Pokémon Unite, and its extremely high price ended up causing a negative reaction in part of the game’s fans.

The skin, announced on the 1st, arrived at the MOBA costing nothing less than $225. This is equivalent to almost 20% of the current minimum wage in Brazil, a cost similar to that of complete games released for consoles.

To buy the new Sacred Style: Alolan Ninetales, you need to purchase Aeos Gems from the game store. Because it costs 2499 gems, players may need to buy one of the more expensive packages, starting at $225. In the United States, the price is $40, ie: even for the American audience the value is unrealistic.

In the post released by the game’s Twitter profile, players expressed dissatisfaction with the high price charged for the cosmetic item. Responding to the post, fans urge the Pokémon Company, TiMi Studio and Tencent to reconsider the price.


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