Pokémon Unite: Lucario’s Expensive Skin Makes Fans Angry


Pokémon Company, TiMi Studio and Tencent strike again with the release of Costume Party Style: Lucario, the new Pokémon Unite holowear.

Costing no less than 2,499 Aeos Gems, players who want to get their hands on the new skin may need to shell out $224.99 to purchase one of the most expensive gem packs in the game.

The absurd amount is the same charged earlier this month by the skin Sacred Style: Alolan Ninetales, which generated a lot of controversy for costing almost 20% of the minimum wage in Brazil. Even in the United States, where workers receive proportionally higher minimum wages than in Brazil, holowear is selling for a very high U$ 40, also generating a lot of discontent.

One of the biggest complaints from fans of the game, aside from the hefty price tag, is that it’s impossible to acquire Aeos Gems in Pokémon Unite without spending real money. On Reddit, players are posting several posts complaining about the posture of TiMi Studios, the developer behind the pocket monsters MOBA.

Fans are also using Twitter to show dissatisfaction with the skin’s high price. In the publication of Lucario’s new look ad, several responses show that the amounts charged by holowears continue to be negatively received by the community.


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