Pokemon Unite leaks its first videos and gameplay screens


Still in 2020, The Pokémon Company unveiled the Pokemon Unite game for Nintendo Switch and Android and iOS devices. You may remember it as the “League of Legends of Pokémon”, but little has been shown about the project since then.

We know this production in partnership with TiMi Studios, from Tencent, will have support for crossplay and will be the first title of the series with elements of MOBA, where two teams of five monsters each will be able to fight each other trying to add the maximum points.

A closed beta has already taken place in Canada earlier this month, but players were not allowed to record images. Even so, some leaks happened today and gameplay videos are already spread over the internet .:

The big catch here is that all the material is being taken off the air very quickly by the producer, given the contractual prohibition to register the gameplay, so it’s good to run your searches on YouTube!

In the material already removed from the air, fans were able to see little monsters like Garchomp, Cinderace and Greninja in action, in addition to a brief record of the monetization screen and their battle pass, which seems to only release new cosmetic items for their Pokémon.

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