Pokémon Unite: How to Download for Free On Nintendo Switch; Now Available


Pokémon Unite: The new MOBA set in the Pokémon universe is now available for Nintendo Switch users. We tell you how to download it for free. Pokémon Unite is now available for Nintendo Switch users – coming soon for Android and iOS devices. This is the new MOBA that bets on 5 against 5 battles developed by TiMi Studios and set in the universe of the long-lived Nintendo franchise. If you are wanting to try it, we will tell you how to download it for free.

The title is free-to-play, so you can start playing at no cost, although it also offers in-app purchases. To proceed with its download, you have the following options at your disposal.

Through the web: just access the following link, log in with your Nintendo account and press the buy button (0.00 euros).

Through the console: if you prefer to access the title directly from your Nintendo Switch, it is as simple as opening the eShop and navigating to the free programs tab or using the search engine to find Pokémon Unite.

Pokémon Unite: all available Pokémon

At the moment, the game has up to 20 Pokémon, divided into different categories: offensive, defensive, agile, auxiliary and balanced. We offer you the complete list with all of them.

Mr. Mime (psychic type – fairy)
Wigglytuff (normal type – fairy)
Crustle (bug – rock type)
Snorlax (normal type)
Slowbro (water type – psychic)
Charizard (fire type – flying)
Lucario (fighting type – steel)
Garchomp (dragon type – earth)
Machamp (fighting type)
Absol (sinister type)
Gengar (ghost type – poison)
Talonflame (fire type – flying)
Zeraora (electric type)
Venusaur (plant type – poison)
Greninja (water type – sinister)
Pikachu (electric type)
Cramorant (flying type – water)
Cinderance (fire type)
Ninetales (Alola form)

Pokémon Unite is already available on Nintendo Switch and next September it will arrive on Android and iOS devices.


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