Pokémon Unite: How To Activate Cross-Save And Cross-Play On Nintendo Switch, Android And iOS


Pokémon Unite: We tell you how you can activate cross-play and cross-save to play Pokémon Unite on Nintendo Switch with friends on Android and iOS or vice versa. Pokémon Unite, the MOBA of the saga, has finally landed on iOS and Android mobile devices. After a few months on Nintendo Switch, many players have started their games on the console, so it is likely that they want to take the leap and transfer their data to the mobile version or play with a friend who starts their game in smartphones or tablets. Therefore, below we will tell you how you can activate cross-save and cross-play. On the other hand, we remind you that we have a complete guide to the game in which you will find the best builds and various tips and tricks to master it.

How to activate cross-save in Pokémon Unite

From Switch to mobiles: we download the version of Pokémon Unite for our iOS or Android mobile device and log in. We link our current Nintendo account that we use to start playing on the console by following the instructions that appear on the screen.
From mobile phones to Switch: otherwise, if you have a mobile account and want to start playing on Switch, we simply have to go to the Game Settings menu from the mobile app to link our Nintendo account there. When logging in to the console we should have our account already linked and without additional problems.
Pokémon Unite cross-play cross-save Nintendo Switch iOS Android

How to activate cross-play in Pokémon Unite

As for cross-play, to enjoy cooperative or competitive games with our friends online, in principle no additional step is required beyond adding them by their username and starting to play with them. Therefore, it is not necessary to make any adjustments, since the game itself already links the players of all the platforms on which it is available. Comfortable and simple, for now without problems of operation in general in the absence of possible adjustments that arrive in the future.


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