Pokémon Unite Confirms Blastoise’s Arrival for September


The next Pokémon to join the roster of selectable characters in Pokémon Unite has been confirmed: Blastoise will be available from September 1st on the franchise’s MOBA.

For now, Blastoise’s moves and characteristics have not been detailed, but hull attacks and water shots are quickly shown in the video. The clip also reveals the Pokémon’s scoring shape by firing the sphere with the water cannons. The company also did not detail what the price will be in the different game currencies to release the character.

With the arrival of Blastoise, the three initials of the first generation of the series, consisting of 151 Pokémon, will be among the fighters — Venusaur and Charizard were already released since the launch of the game.

Previously, Blissey and Gardevoir were added to the selection catalog in updates, with Sylveon and Mamoswine already confirmed as next on the list.

Pokémon Unite is free to play and, for now, it’s only available for the Nintendo Switch. Version for Android and iOS mobile devices has been confirmed for the end of September 2021.


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