Pokemon: The Official Life—size Spheal is the perfect (giant) companion


Today, a brand new stuffed Pokemon was released in Japan, it sang in full size. The new stuffed toy joins others on sale as a huge and expensive plush Arkana. Over time, many other attractive plush Pokemon were released, which has become one of the brand’s oldest and most enjoyable traditions.

Soft plush toys are a long—standing and popular form of goods for the Pokémon Company. Attractive to fans of all ages, they can serve as both toys and collectibles. In the past, there were a large number of Pokemon transformed into a plush form, of different sizes (and, accordingly, different prices). The mascot of the series Pikachu, of course, is very well represented here, with his name a lot of different plush toys. Many plush Pokemon are a kind of novelty, and some tracksuits are tied to a certain holiday or event. Others are huge in size, such as a life-size plush Lucario sold last year.

Now a new plush toy is joining the line of huge companions. PokéJungle reports that the life-size Spheal went on sale today in Japan through the Pokémon Center store. Although Pokemon may seem small compared to many other pocket monsters, its height is 80 cm (2 ft 7 in). This means that the height of the new plush is approximately equal to the height of the hips of the average fan. undoubtedly makes it excellent to cuddle, although it can be difficult to find a place to properly store the Spheal.Huge plush toys can become bulky in a confined space, as viral images of one poor plush Snorlax stuck inside a prize machine perfectly demonstrated last month.

Summer will bring with it an increase in temperature, and fans who are lucky enough to get their hands on this Ice-type will be glad of his company. According to the Pokémon Center website, this Spheal is made of a special pleasant-to-touch fabric that helps fight the heat. Of course, such a large size means that this useful Pokemon is not cheap. Plush costs 49,500 yen or about $350. Add to this the cost of shipping abroad, and this Spheal will undoubtedly become one of the most expensive additions to any fan’s collection. However, it should be noted that this is not unprecedented; A similar baby-sized Piplup also costs $350.

350 dollars is undoubtedly a lot for any product. On the other hand, despite the price, this Spheal looks great, and its cooling properties will probably make it the perfect companion for fans this summer. For a Pokemon fan, it would be hard to find a better way to handle the heat than to spend the day with a nice Icy type like Sfil. The realistic size of the plush will also attract attention as it helps fans become one of the closest things fans can get by living with a real Pokemon. Although not every fan will be able to afford it, those who will be able to purchase a plush toy available now in the Pokémon Center store will surely be satisfied with their purchase.