Pokemon TCG Player uses a Huge Deck in the tournament


As one of the most iconic brands in pop culture, Pokemon has built a huge multimedia empire between games, TV shows and physical products. Among the many properties of Pokemon, the Pokemon collectible card game has become one of the most popular aspects of the franchise. Classic Pokemon cards from the early days of the game often fetch hundreds or even thousands of dollars from legions of game collectors. Along with the value of classic cards, the popularity of the card game also contributed to the prosperity of the competitive environment.

At the North American International Championship this weekend, some of the best Pokemon collectible card game players in the region came out to fight for valuable championship points. The weekend tournament includes not only the TCG tournament, but also competitive events for several Pokemon games, including Pokemon Sword & Shield, Pokemon GO and Pokken Tournament. While many players come to these tournaments with competitive meta-defining decks, one player decided to enter with a deck filled with giant-sized Pokemon cards.

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In a comedy show for the Pokemon tournament, player Matthew Verive put up a deck filled with promotional giant Pokemon cards included as a bonus in new sets. Verive shared a funny oversized deck on his Twitter, showing off a full list of decks and revealing that he had only played one round before being eliminated from the tournament. After a lengthy “deck check” with the judges of the event, Veriva was informed that he could face disqualification due to an uneven reduction of large-sized cards.

While many fans were surprised by the huge collection of cards, those familiar with the game were quick to point out that the deck would be difficult to play in a competitive manner. There were noticeably no energy cards in the deck, which meant that Verive would not be able to use his Pokemon’s attacks. The judges also stated that the discrepancy between the card cuts can be considered “marked”, as many fans suggest that a new card size rule may soon follow.

The latest Pokemon collectible card championship took place as the game has sought to expand its scope in recent months. Last year, a new online application Pokemon Trading Card Game Live was introduced. The collectible card game Pokemon also recently introduced a crossover with Pokemon GO, in which GO-themed cards appeared in a physical game. While Matthew Verive’s giant deck may not have won a single round at the North American Championship, he certainly left an unforgettable mark on the tournament.