Pokemon TCG Opens online Illustration Exhibition


The Pokemon collectible card game has released many collectible collectible cards since its first launch in Japan in 1996. Having reached the western shores in 1999, the collectible card game has gathered such a devoted community over the years that some Pokemon TCG items have been dearly priced due to their rarity. To celebrate both the collectible card game and its loving fan base, Pokemon TCG recently opened a special online exhibition featuring many illustrations that have appeared on the game’s collectible cards over time.

With each new generation of Pokemon, Pokemon TCG players probably expect a new generation of collectible cards to follow soon. Since Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are being released in November 2022, fans are probably waiting for the new Pokemon card deck that the company will release and how it will change the meta. Part of the excitement of the community is probably also due to what new illustrations will be featured in the next generation cards, as this probably gives them more incentive to collect items that match their visual preferences.

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To celebrate the many illustrations of Pokemon cards found in the game, Pokemon TCG has opened an online exhibition from August to October 2022. According to the website, the illustrations are classified differently so that visitors can evaluate them. The online exhibition consists of three main categories: “Life”, “History” and “Artist”. The category “Life” presents Pokemon in various landscape conditions, and the category “History” tells how the illustrations of Pokemon cards have changed over time. Finally, the “Artist” category presents the works of various artists who have contributed to the Pokemon KKI industry.

Visitors will probably appreciate the presence of other special rooms dedicated to specific illustrations of Pokemon KKI. This includes works by Takumi Wada, an illustrator known for his work in Nintendo series such as The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario and Super Smash Bros. Other halls of the exhibition also feature various illustrations of Pikachu cards and the winners of the recent Pokemon 2022. illustration contest. Fans should keep in mind that they need to create a free account on the website in order to access the various rooms of the online exhibition.

The online Pokemon TCG illustration exhibition is a great way for long-time and new fans to appreciate the various works of art featured on their favorite Pokemon cards. We hope that The Pokemon Company will keep The Pokemon TCG exhibition open after October 2022 to give the community more time to really get into each of the exhibition rooms.


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