Pokémon TCG Live, Preview. We Have Already Seen It: Everything You Need To Know


Pokémon TCG Live: The Pokémon Trading Card Game will make the jump to mobile devices and PC with a new version full of options, modes, content and missions. That Pokémon is more alive than ever is a statement that will not surprise anyone. The series, which celebrates twenty-six years this Sunday, February 27, takes note of its past and faces the future with the aim of reaching new generations of players while capturing those who have been enjoying their video games or their Card Game for years, protagonist today.

Because the Pokémon TCG (or Pokémon TCG) has been with us for over twenty years, expansion after expansion. His leap to mobile devices and PCs is getting closer; with a live video game, constantly updated, connected and modernized, thus leaving behind the already veteran Pokémon TCG Online. FreeGameTips has been able to see in depth TCG Pokémon Live in a digital presentation organized by The Pokémon Company. We tell you everything about this long-awaited launch.

TCG Pokémon Live, the beginning of a new stage for the Card Game

Let’s start with the basics, what does the Pokémon TCG Live mean for the Pokémon Trading Card Game? Broadly speaking, transferring the success of the physical game to a digital environment with greater coverage than before, since the already old Pokémon TCG Online can only be played on a computer and tablet. We are talking about one of the most successful TCGs in the world, with billing figures that break records every year in many countries and that dazzles new generations of players without breaking a sweat. Since its debut in 1998, more than 22 billion Pokémon TCG cards have been sold in 77 countries and 13 languages.

With these data, many wondered why it was still not possible to enjoy the board game on a mobile phone, with an interface designed for the occasion and enabling the experience of buying packs and cards to be present in the digital world as well. TCG Pokémon Live seeks to respond to all this with a firm commitment to live content; the classifications; the daily missions; customization; the online game; deck building and, of course, keeping up with all expansions and game rules.