Pokemon TCG Fan Makes an Impressive Arcane Carving for a Card Storage Box

Pokemon fans constantly declare themselves as the most talented artists from all pop culture fandoms. This is confirmed by the regular outpouring of fan art through various media. One of the latest creations of Pokemon fans that have gone viral is the Pokemon TCG storage box with the popular Pokemon Arcanine.
Arkanain is a first—generation Fire-type Pokemon that evolved from Growlite. As part of the first generation, Pokemon first appeared in the game in Pokemon Red and Blue. Arkanain figured as the main Pokemon of gym leader Blaine, and one fan gave the old-school pair a more modern design.
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In the Pokemon subreddit, a user under the nickname u/FrigginBoomT posted his impressively carved card storage box with the image of an Arcanin. By choosing the original instead of the new Hisuian Arcanine, the carving shows a very detailed image of a Pokemon similar to a fire dog. Every important aspect of the Arcanin is successfully recreated on the carving, from jagged black stripes to diamond-shaped ears and especially billowing beige fur. The carver even created clear wood tones to distinguish the Arcanine features from the background, giving it a professional finish that looks like an official Pokemon item.
I carved an Arcana on a card storage box. from pokemon
The skill did not go unnoticed by other Pokemon fans, as the post has already collected several hundred likes. While the Arcanine Pokemon TCG storage box is certainly an impressive creation, it’s not the first from a Pokemon fan/artist. A few months ago FrigginBoomT made another carved box with the image of three legendary birds. Based on the design of the stained glass card with Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, the artist created a visually interesting mosaic carving. Despite the fact that they are very different in style from the box with the Arcanin, both creations demonstrate incredible skill.
A prolific Pokemon fan and the carver’s creations don’t stop there. The artist also cut out a pair of Mimikyu boxes, which are two different versions of the same design. Both depict the gaze of a ghost/fairy with appendages crawling out from under a rag, but one is on a much lighter tree compared to the other. The lighter version also has a square shape, whereas the other has a round shape and a spiral background. With the steadily growing number of carved figures from wooden Pokemon boxes, it should be interesting to see which one the artist decides to take next time.