Pokémon TCG Announces Halloween Trick-or-Trade BOOster Packs


TCG Pokémon has announced that it will be releasing special Halloween-themed boosters later this year. The Pokemon Holiday season calendar will also hit stores later this year, giving fans of the collectible card game a daily dose of groceries throughout December.

The Pokémon collectible card game is familiar with seasonal goods and promotions. In addition to the upcoming Advent calendar, which will celebrate the holiday season with various themed postcards and merchandise, TCG has produced postcards for many other occasions over the years. They range from movie promo cards, such as the classic Ancient Mew, to various fast food chain collaborations. Most recently, a new Pokémon Center store has opened in the UK. Similar events in the past have led to the release of a “Special Delivery” promo card to mark the occasion; for example, fans were looking forward to the distribution of a new Charizard with special delivery by promo code.

Now Serebii is announcing that special Halloween-themed boosters will be released as part of Pokémon Company’s Halloween merchandise this year under the name “Trick or Trade”, as an obvious Trick or Treat game. Although each booster is just a miniature set containing three Pokemon cards, they will be sold in packs of 40 pieces, which are obviously labeled as “BOOster packs”. This means that each set will contain a total of 120 cards. The cards featured in the sets will include Zubat, Pumpkaboo and Polteageist, as well as other creepy Pokemon related to the Halloween theme. Since they form a specially selected collection, all of these cards will be marked with a “Pikachu Pumpkin stamp” to separate them from any proprietary new cards of any full Pokémon TCG expansion.

According to Serebiy, the new Trick or Trade BOOster kits will arrive in stores in the USA and Canada on September 1, which will give coaches enough time to pick up new cards on the eve of Halloween. There is no news about release dates in other territories yet. However, The Pokémon Company has confirmed that Halloween merchandise will be available later this year at various Pokémon Center stores in the west, including the UK. Thus, there is every chance that the cards will be available elsewhere along with the rest of the seasonal products, which will allow the trainers to create the perfect Halloween-themed Pokemon team.

It seems that this new collection of cards will be a great way for any fan of the Pokémon collectible card game to have fun on holiday this Halloween. It looks like boosters with a special theme will be a good starting point for creating a creepy deck. It should be noted that since the full list of cards is not currently specified, it is difficult to say how many trades there will be with Trick and Trade cards; it may well be that 120 cards will be more than enough to include multiple copies of each available card. But anyway, since the new Lost Origin expansion will be released around the same time, it looks like September is going to be a busy time for collectors.


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