Pokemon table shows the origin of Pokemon penguins


Since the original Pokemon games, evolution has been an important element of the series. It has changed a lot and expanded with Game Freak, adding new ways of development and new, fan-favorite methods of evolution, such as Mega Evolution, but with the very concept of evolution not so much played before Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus shows how ancient Pokemon could evolve differently than modern Pokemon, thanks to the changes of the era. The Grass-type Voltorb and Skeeter’s evolution of Cleavor show how confusing evolution can be, while theories that all Pikachu clones can trace their ancestry back to the original, possibly legendary Pokemon with an electric mouse have been supported by in-game dialogue.

Of course, if this happens to Pikachu, it can happen to others. One Pokemon fan, known as alex_fantastico on Reddit, is studying how certain types of Pokemon can descend from a single ancestor. They recently made a Pokemon diagram for dogs, which is complicated because of the variety of Pokemon for dogs in the franchise, but they also made it for Pokemon penguins.

The pedigree of Pokemon penguins from Pokemon

This new Pokemon table is much simpler, due to the fact that there are only three basic Pokemon penguins in it. As seen above, alex_fantastico represents a single line of Pokemon ancestors with Piplup in Empoleon as the basis, calling them Chicyuki, Frostuin and Embarctic. They are very similar to the standard line, but instead of steel they have icy accents. On one path of evolution, the icy accents disappear, the color of the fur turns red and more white appears, until at the end there is only one single stage left: Deliberd.

At the other end of the spectrum, accents on ice become the dominant feature as their faces are overtaken and they increase in size. This eventually leads to the Eiscue introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Meanwhile, Piplap, Prinplap and Empoleon most resemble the main ancestor of Pokemon, only with a change in body expression, the icy accent is replaced by steel and a general change in royalty/color.

This is an interesting and plausible tree, although it would be bigger if there were more Pokemon penguins. It is not yet known whether Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will add a new line of Pokemon penguins, but it is unlikely. After all, there are a lot of rumors pointing to regional fakes, new Pokemon and returning Pokemon, but it’s hard to know anything for sure until Game Freak blurts out.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18 on the Nintendo Switch.